For the first ~14 years of my life, my parents subjected me to VeggieTales and Christian pop. Almost every day, until I was in high school, commuting from home to school, and from school back to home, my parents would tune into 89.3 KSBJ on their Honda Odyssey's radio, and we would listen to "How Great is Our God" by Christ Tomlin. Almost every single day.

It wasn't until 2nd period English class my freshman year that I was introduced to "real" music. A friend of mine was working on a project with me and we were permitted to using our phones to listen to music. He asked me if I wanted to listen to some Frank Ocean. I told him I didn't know who that was. Dumbfounded, he immediately wedged his earbud into my ear canal and played "Biking".

My tastes have changed since then, but that song was the catalyst that, retrospectively, sparked the desire to discover new music. For ~14 years I listened to the same kind of music over and over. For 6 years (and counting) proceeding those ~14 stale, stagnant years, I've been on the quest for new artists, sounds, listening experiences, etc. to compensate for that fact.

This page is essentially the culmination of my experience with music.

If you have any music recommendations, feel free to leave a comment on my profile!