Phenomena (1985)
Horror, Thriller, Mystery
dir. Dario Argento
A strange, erratic, entertaining mess.

This film is such a drag in the first half, but it quickly makes it up by how unbelievably bat-shit crazy it is in the second. This is my first Argento film, and it's very clear what kind of movie this guys makes. The crazy and weird pacing & editing, the very blatant horniness, the amount of times people get stabbed, the lighting, camerawork; it all culminates into a very distinct and unique style of filmmaking that I have never seen before.

For the most time this movie is entertaining, but I would be lying if I said I was following it the whole time. You can't really prepare yourself for this film. Things move so unbelievably quickly that it's almost impossible to really understand what is really going on. The main character, Jennifer, is a bug telepath, and a bug scientist has a chimpanzee assistant. It's genuinely such a strange movie that I couldn't help but be charmed by it. It's gross, but it's also playful?

I might have to watch this again to really take it all in. I feel like the second half picked up so fast that I kind of just got waterboarded with the insanity that happens during it.

Rating: What the hell!