Into the Woods (2014)
Fantasy, Musical
dir. Rob Marshall
Just to prep you for the reason behind this short review: this is a pretty bad movie.

Into the Woods is 2 hours long, but it somehow feels like 4. Just fucking awful pacing and character work. There are too many people here to care about, and the worst of all is James Corden's character Mr. Baker, who is so squeamish and annoying he puts Shinji Ikari to shame (only kidding!). The cast is so incredibly stacked, ranging from newer stars like Anna Kendrick to hardened veterans like Meryl Streep, but the characters are just not interesting enough for me to like any of them.

There is so, so, so much music in this that it's nauseating. No offense to theater kids, but this kind of music is just not that good. Most of the songs have these verses where characters bounce off each others last-said words and it doesn't make for a pleasant listening experience. I don't know, this just is not for me.

Rating: James Corden should just work retail.